Twelve Lyrics That Are Pretty Depressing

This might be weird but I am a massive fan of depressing songs. I actually live for playing those types of songs and feeling those sad emotions over and over. They really gut you and the raw emotion is something I can’t get over. So I present twelve lyrics that are pretty depressing and if you click the title of the song, it will take you to a YouTube link. These are in no particular order, by the way.

1.”And I’ll keep you a daydream away, Just watch from a safe place, So I never have to lose.” All Time Low – A Daydream Away from their album: Dirty Work

Ah, Dirty Work. The album that even the band didn’t like. Regardless, there are some gems on the album such as this one, which talks about how it feels to love someone so close to you yet far away. This line especially hits, with Alex telling himself to keep the love interest so that they can remain in his life. I could have put Remembering Sunday on here but this song’s more relatable to me right now. (however, it will be considered an honorable mention).

2.”I’ve got troubled thoughts and self-esteem to match, what a catch, what a catch.” Fall Out Boy – What A Catch, Donnie from their album: Folie A Deux

On their last album before their hiatus, Fall Out Boy addressed feelings of betrayal, depression, and other issues within society. What A Catch, Donnie has many guest vocalists on board and specifically addresses depression as the title refers to Donny Hathaway, a singer who committed suicide like bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz had also attempted to do while struggling with depression.  The first part of the lyrics depicts just that and “What a catch” is meant sarcastically as if anyone was to want to be close with him, what they getting is less than desirable.

3.”If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed, then we should feed our jewelry to the sea. For diamonds do appear to be, just like broken glass to me.” Panic! At The Disco – Northern Downpour from their album: Pretty. Odd.

Fun fact: For a poetry analysis as one of the last Essays for Lit and Comp, I chose this song. I wrote over 10 pages about it, which in retrospect was maybe too much. The first line is reference to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” giving the line a darker meaning. The rest of the lyrics here display the emotion of pointlessness, really asking the questions: Why do we associate material items with  quality of life and why do they matter if life is just a dream anyway? This is further illustrated by the view of comparing diamonds, something of high value, to broken glass, which is basically… nothing.

4.”On the outside, always looking in. Will I ever be more than I’ve always been? ‘Cause I’m tap, tap, tapping on the glass, waving through a window,.” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul featuring Ben Platt- Waving Through A Window from the album: Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

This song hails from the 6 Tony Award Winning Musical: Dear Evan Hansen. The musical addresses social anxiety, depression, suicide, and utilizes technology in the set in a totally unique and innovative way.  This song specifically talks about how badly our titular character wants to fit in but simply does not. He watches people living their lives but as you see in the musical, they ignore/don’t have time to hear him, making him feel lonely. And the fact that glass reflects and will only show himself back to him could inflict further feelings of loneliness. The glass also serves as a trap, depicting his isolation from society, that he wants to escape.

plus ben got a tony for acting in it that he totally deserved ❤ . (andrew rannells deserved a tony)

5.”What did I do to make you so cruel? I’ve got this ache inside my heart, I know that it’s you. What should I do now that I know that we’re doomed? I loved you most. And now you’re a ghost I walk right through.” Sky Ferriera – Ghost from: Ghost EP

The whole EP talks about relationships, depression, and jealousy and
this song tells of the aftermath of an abusive relationship that went downhill after “the honeymoon phase.” These lyrics speak about our narrator who has gone through so much to prove her love to her lover but at this point she’s given up on him and their love. Him being a ghost represents the lack of importance he holds to her now compared to before and how he only lives in the past memories.

6.”And the salt in my wounds isn’t burning any more than it used to. It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, I’m just not afraid of hurting anymore.” Paramore – Last Hope from their album: Paramore

Paramore consists of songs talking about growing up, moving on, heartache, and fears for the future but also love and just living. Part II (A sequel to the song Let The Flames Begin on Riot!) leads into Last Hope. The song is about feeling hopeless but still holding on the only thread that’s still keeping you alive. The first line talks about there not being any new pain, which can keep you looking up. The second line is saying that even though these recurring problems will always bring pain, but now there’s support to help through this as cited in the band’s LiveJournal.

7.”It almost feels like a joke to play out a part, when you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart. You know I’d rather walk alone, than play a supporting role if I can’t get the starring role.” Marina And The Diamonds – Starring Role, from her album: Electra Heart 

Electra Heart is a concept album following the titular character who portrays several societal/cultural female archetypes while also discussing issues in relationships. These lyrics discuss how Electra’s lover only wants her for sex, and while he’s with his main girl all the time, he’s with here behind the scenes, making her a side chick. However, she hates this status because she’s fallen for him (despite the fact that she knew his reputation) and insists on either being important or leaving.

8.”Don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive. Oh Mrs. Potato Head, tell me. Is it true that pain is beauty? Does a new face come with a warranty? Will a pretty face make it better?” Melanie Martinez – Mrs. Potato Head, from her album: Cry Baby 

Mrs. Potato Head is criticism of society’s way of putting everlasting youth and attractiveness in females first before anything else and also letting those traits have a value/quality of someone’s life in song form. In the first two lines quoted, society is talking to our narrator, trying to downplay the effects of plastic surgery. The following lines is in the perspective of Cry Baby who is asking someone, who has already gone through plastic surgery in a way to “better” herself in the eyes of society, about if she personally feels better and if this solution to feel better was a permanent one.

9.”No more white picket fences. No more lace veils or vows. No more, “You’re the only one” cause that’s all done with now. This is the last love song I’ll ever write for you.” ZZ Ward – Last Love Song, from her album: Til The Casket Drops 

This song was about a couple who were on the verge of marriage but for some reason the relationship broke down when the narrator believed that they were at their height of love. These lyrics especially talk about the dismissal of things the narrator believed would be in their future of love, even if they weren’t the marrying type (however, that line sounds more like an excuse for how things turned out rather than an actual fact).Yes, it might be the last love song she writes, but that doesn’t mean it’s exactly a positive one like the one preceding probably were considering how much they sounded like they were in love.

10.”Can we bring yesterday back around? ‘Cause I know how I feel about you now. I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down, but I know how I feel about you now.” Sugababes – About You Now, from their album: Change 

I recently rediscovered this song because the Miranda Cosgrove cover (that I never knew it was a cover until recent) was on a throwback article of People magazine on SnapChat. Anyway, this song speaks of regret in relationship and how the narrator spent their time with the object of their affection, wishing for the better days to come back. The piano version really packs a punch, especially after seeing a clip of Hollyoaks (I was looking for clips and tripped upon it, I don’t watch it.) where Steph sang it at the funeral of her love of her life, Max, who was killed in a car accident trying to saving his child half-brother who was going to be ran over by Steph’s ex after their wedding. Damn.

11.”How do you soften the thought of carrying coffins? We were so alive, only to see us wither and die. Oh, why must soil run dry?” MisterWives – Coffins, from their album: Our Own House

This song is apparently about the deterioration of a friendship, however, it can also be taken to represent the end of any relationship. The lyrics above likens the waning relationship to a death and burying the relationship like one would a casket. The thought of this is depressing considering how much had gone into this relationship as also highlighted in the lyrics.

12.”I love it when you’re lonely. That’s when I feel the same. You come around, you let me down like California rain.” Betty Who – California Rain from her album: Take Me When You Go

You can really feel the emotion in this somber tune. From my understanding, it’s a song about these people who have such a rocky relationship. It comes and goes like California rain that is doesn’t happen often. In other verses, our narrator talks about times she’s felt abandoned or alone because of this lover. However, these lyrics do change from that to, “I love it when you’re lonely. That’s when we feel the same. I come around, and I let you down like California rain.”, the second time around and “I love it when you’re lonely. ‘Cause that’s when I feel the same. You come around, you let me down, my California rain.” the third time around. So she takes the blame of the rockiness of the relationship as well, I think, and then also does keep her feelings for him, when wishing for him to be lonely so she could have him again.

What song lyrics really depress you? I tried to include a spectrum of music genres that I listen to.

I’m considering doing a list of Twelve whatever on Tuesdays because the number twelve is never talked about and it’s more zany than like Top Ten, no shade towards anyone.

Float In The Cyber Space.

5 Fashion Trends I Can’t Get Behind

Have you ever looked at something on the internet and think, why? And then see others wearing that trend, you didn’t even think was a trend? Style is subjective and you, of course, are free to wear what you like but here are five trends that make me question how we allowed this to happen.

1.Intentionally Worn Shirts & Sweaters.

Related image

I have no problem with ripped jeans but beat up sweaters like these do not seem fashionable to me at all. I know damaged can be an aesthetic but this is a little far. It looks beyond saving.

2.Hoodies that ONLY COVER YOUR ARMS.

Image result for cropped hoodie

If you wanted something that had a hood, didn’t cover your whole body, and had sleeves, why don’t you utilize a jacket or a cardigan? This just seems irrational because the purpose of hoodies and sweatshirts are to cover not only your arms, but also the rest of your body.

3.Corsets Over T-Shirts.

Image result for corsets over shirts

It just looks really awkward and out of place to me. Like corsets are kind of fancy and then shirts are casual, and it pretty much clashes.

4.Clear Boots.

Image result for clear boots

It’s kind of gross to me because like what if it gets sweaty and looks weird or something else. I honestly don’t even like how my feet look, really.

5. Furry Nails.

Image result for furry nails
Furry nails just look odd, and think about how careful you have to be not shed in your food or elsewhere. A lot of nail trends for me have some good things but a lot of the time, they don’t seem like you could apply it realistically. Like long nails, I couldn’t do it.

Do you agree, or are there weird fashion trends you also notice?

Float In The Cyber Space, my dudes.

How My Summer’s Been

I want to do creative stuff so badly! I’ve been trying to balance work and play this summer because I’m trying not to burnout by the of summer. If I did that would be disastrous considering that have some type of long quiz or test for almost every class the first week or two of school. Allow me to elaborate.

In AP Calc BC, we have a test the very first Tuesday of school over a 23 page packet of math I had to teach myself. And I’m pretty sure school starts on Tuesday so, rip me. Luckily, I finished it and there were answers to check my work. Too bad we can’t ask questions about it. However, there is a problem I still have.

I still have no clue as to who the fuck my teacher is. You see, the old Calc BC teacher retired this year, and my school has been scrambling for a replacement. They found one in late May, but this teacher is shady af. He’s said he formerly worked at two different colleges to two different people, but when my Precalc teacher looked him up in both college databases, not one trace of him was there?

This is why a lot of people are dropping to AB Calc because we know who that teacher is. And she can’t teach BC because she isn’t qualified. However, it’s already too late for me considering I put myself through that hard packet and the ability to switch classes expired yesterday.

For our Summer reading assignment, I’m reading a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and when I finish it, I might give it a review. But anyway, it’s nice so far but I have no clue how to do the summer assignment because it wants to to quote the book by chapters and analyze the chapters. But there’s no chapter markings? You can tell when there a little shift but I have no clue where a chapter ends and begins. All the marking you get is the prologue and that’s so helpful, not.

AP World History is also kind of ridiculous because the website we have to reference to do part of the assignment is really old and glitchy so I’ve given up on it until I’m done with Chemistry. We also have a quiz on 116 vocabulary words that we have to define, example and write paragraphs about on the first week of school.

Teaching myself Chemistry isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, however, it’s very time consuming. The textbook makes the things easy to understand, and then Khan Academy helps. The problem now is that I’m becoming hella lazy.

I need a serious break and time out of the house.


Welcome… It’s Here!

Cue the head-banging from the explosive start of Thriller by Fall Out Boy. I can never listen to that song without saying Jay-Z’s speech and head banging after.

Former readers of my old blog or newcomers, I would like you welcome you to my new blog: Maybe It’s The Wonder Years. Of course, if you’re here, you probably already know that. The wonder years refer to your teenage years or really the years where you’re still trying to figure things out. That best reflects where I feel like I am in my life right now.

The reason of this blog rising is because while I was renovating the old blog, I found myself feeling disconnected from the posts. I was me writing the posts, I knew that, but I felt as if they didn’t represent me anymore. As someone who has been blogging since they left elementary school, there would be some obvious contrast from the way I spoke and acted then and how I act now, being a teenager. I then found myself unsure of whether or not I still wanted it to represent me. In addition to that, I had done a lot of name drops and talking about specific events which had the possibility of putting the blog at risk of discovery.

So I cleaned up the blog, censored names, removed specifics… yet I still felt unsatisfied. So I asked around the blogging community, wondering if I should a) delete all the posts and reset the blog, or b) start a whole new blog and keep the posts on the other site. You can see which one I ended up choosing. The reason I made this choice is because however I feel towards the behaviors in those posts, they are still a part of me. And besides, one day I might curious as to see how far I’ve come as a person.

We’re all just trying to find our way, and I hope you enjoy me finding my own.

– Delia