How My Summer’s Been

I want to do creative stuff so badly! I’ve been trying to balance work and play this summer because I’m trying not to burnout by the of summer. If I did that would be disastrous considering that have some type of long quiz or test for almost every class the first week or two of school. Allow me to elaborate.

In AP Calc BC, we have a test the very first Tuesday of school over a 23 page packet of math I had to teach myself. And I’m pretty sure school starts on Tuesday so, rip me. Luckily, I finished it and there were answers to check my work. Too bad we can’t ask questions about it. However, there is a problem I still have.

I still have no clue as to who the fuck my teacher is. You see, the old Calc BC teacher retired this year, and my school has been scrambling for a replacement. They found one in late May, but this teacher is shady af. He’s said he formerly worked at two different colleges to two different people, but when my Precalc teacher looked him up in both college databases, not one trace of him was there?

This is why a lot of people are dropping to AB Calc because we know who that teacher is. And she can’t teach BC because she isn’t qualified. However, it’s already too late for me considering I put myself through that hard packet and the ability to switch classes expired yesterday.

For our Summer reading assignment, I’m reading a book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and when I finish it, I might give it a review. But anyway, it’s nice so far but I have no clue how to do the summer assignment because it wants to to quote the book by chapters and analyze the chapters. But there’s no chapter markings? You can tell when there a little shift but I have no clue where a chapter ends and begins. All the marking you get is the prologue and that’s so helpful, not.

AP World History is also kind of ridiculous because the website we have to reference to do part of the assignment is really old and glitchy so I’ve given up on it until I’m done with Chemistry. We also have a quiz on 116 vocabulary words that we have to define, example and write paragraphs about on the first week of school.

Teaching myself Chemistry isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, however, it’s very time consuming. The textbook makes the things easy to understand, and then Khan Academy helps. The problem now is that I’m becoming hella lazy.

I need a serious break and time out of the house.


Welcome… It’s Here!

Cue the head-banging from the explosive start of Thriller by Fall Out Boy. I can never listen to that song without saying Jay-Z’s speech and head banging after.

Former readers of my old blog or newcomers, I would like you welcome you to my new blog: Maybe It’s The Wonder Years. Of course, if you’re here, you probably already know that. The wonder years refer to your teenage years or really the years where you’re still trying to figure things out. That best reflects where I feel like I am in my life right now.

The reason of this blog rising is because while I was renovating the old blog, I found myself feeling disconnected from the posts. I was me writing the posts, I knew that, but I felt as if they didn’t represent me anymore. As someone who has been blogging since they left elementary school, there would be some obvious contrast from the way I spoke and acted then and how I act now, being a teenager. I then found myself unsure of whether or not I still wanted it to represent me.┬áIn addition to that, I had done a lot of name drops and talking about specific events which had the possibility of putting the blog at risk of discovery.

So I cleaned up the blog, censored names, removed specifics… yet I still felt unsatisfied. So I asked around the blogging community, wondering if I should a) delete all the posts and reset the blog, or b) start a whole new blog and keep the posts on the other site. You can see which one I ended up choosing. The reason I made this choice is because however I feel towards the behaviors in those posts, they are still a part of me. And besides, one day I might curious as to see how far I’ve come as a person.

We’re all just trying to find our way, and I hope you enjoy me finding my own.

– Delia